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"As a Midwife I enjoy helping families choose to have a safe birth at home. I believe that knowledge is a powerful tool when brought to the journey that is birth; I have seen over and over again how wonderful birth is when you are prepared and aware of the choices that lie ahead.


So whether you are just beginning your journey or are well along on the path I would be honored to walk beside you for a spell."

My Story

I first became interested in midwifery through the process of planning the homebirth of our first baby in 1994. I have been a very fortunate mother to have stayed at home with my young children, even homeschooling them. As a parent I have always been drawn to Holistic health and healing. My extensive studies include: BodyTalk (energy work), Hypnosis, Guided Meditation, Herbs, Aromatherapy, and Nutrition. 

We moved to Las Vegas, NV in 2005 where I started my journey to become a practicing homebirth Midwife. I became very involved with the established natural childbirth and parenting community and founded Well Rounded Momma, a women's wellness and maternity center in Las Vegas, Nevada.


I started out as a DONA certified Doula, labor tub technician, and Childbirth Educator supporting over 200 families in the Las Vegas area. In addition I apprenticed with two Certified Professional Midwives and have completed my own paperwork with the North American Registry of Midwives.


For the better part of this decade, I have made it my work to improve the birthing experience for all women in Las Vegas. I speak to medical boards and do in-service hospital training for nurses. 

Professional Organizations

  • 2006 Founded Well Rounded Momma

  • 2009-Current Member of Nevada Midwife Association

  • 2011-Current Member of The National Association of Certified Professional Midwives (NACPM)

  • 2014 Founded Sisters Circle; A midwife student training and continuing education program

  • 2016-Currently Serves on the Advisory Board for the Henderson Hospital

Education & Training

  • 1992 Mesa Community College General Studies

  • 1994 Moorpark College Biology Major

  • 2005 BodyTalk Training

  • 2005 Essential Oil Training

  • 2006 DONA Training

  • 2007-Current Neonatal Resuscitation Program 

  • 2007-Current Adult & Child CPR for Healthcare Professionals

  • 2008-10 Midwife Apprenticeship

  • 2009 & 2011 Midwifery Today Conference; Placentophagy & Hemorrhage Training

  • 2010 Centering Pregnancy Facilitator Training

  • 2010 Heart of Herbs Herbal Course

  • 2012 Vintage Remedies Herbal and Wellness Courses

  • 2011 Certified Professional Midwife Certification

  • 2014 North American Registry of Midwives (NARM) Qualified Evaluator Training

  • 2014 Cultural Competency & Respect in the provision of maternity care training

  • 2015 Received Master Credential in Holy Fire Usui Reiki

  • 2016 Newborn Hearing Screening Training.

  • 2016 Birth Emergency Skills Training®

  • 2018 Community Healthworker Training

  • 2018 WHO & CDC Child Growth Assessment Training

  • 2020 Pharmacology for Midwives Including GBS Treatment

  • Misc. courses from Ancient Arts Midwifery Institute (AAMI) in nutrition, breech births and other.

  • Misc. courses in herbalism, maternal loss, survivor care, suturing, phlebotomy, shoulder dystocia, multiples and more.

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